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In addition of making  samples and presets for various companies, Particular-Sound, founded by Ingo “Traumatic” Nasse and Frank “Xenox” Neumann back in 2002, will release small sample packs on our website, too.

“Abstract Grooves” is the first Library we release.
It’s  a drumloop Library with beat loops, element loops and single sounds.
All the loops in this sample pack are recorded in 128Bpm, 24bit and 44,1kHz, the WAV format is supported by all DAW’s like Apple Logic Pro/Garageband, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio and many, many others…!


apple logicAbstract Grooves has several “main loops” and additional element loops like no kick and no snare loops as well as snare, clap, kick and granular based samples.
The loops are perfect for layering them to your main beat to add some extra groove to your existing tracks.
All together it’s a cool micro package with some great sounds and very groovy beats and with the one-shot samples it is easy to create great loops without slicing.


– 582 MB total content
– 559 MB Loop content
– 23 MB WAV content

– 268 Drumloops
– 155 Main Drumloops
– 12 Uplifter Loops
– 43 Kick Samples
– 34 Snare Samples
– 10 Clap Samples
– 81 Element Samples


– 24bit WAV Stereo (WAV Edition)
– Apple Loops, 4 EXS24 Instruments (Apple Loops Edition)

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Torben HansenMetal / Vibrants
(Torben K. Hansen, Musician, Remixer and Sounddesigner)

I’ll find good use for these loops in my techy works. Lots of punchy groovy loops with subtle and more obviously glitched effects. Very powerful.
The glitchy parts never seem to get “too much” and take control of the loops. I find it easy to mix and match parts of different loops and within 5 minutes of playing around I’ve got a groove going for a new track… Crazy stuff…!

(Christian Zwang, Musician, Remixer and Producer)

Very nice and fancy library with nice one-shot samples and very different drumloops. If you listen to them the first time, you have the feeling to start working with them. It’s worth every cent.


(Andre Neumann, Musician for games like DUX / DUX 1.5 / REDUX: Dark Matters)

Frank aka Xenox brought it with “Abstract grooves” to the point.
For my new project, which will be released in 2014, have i used two or more loops in a track in the background and i have to say just wow. The loops are so good, that i doesn’t know which one i should use.
The library is incredible nice from the first to the last loop and i’m sure, i will use much more loops in further tracks.
Frank, AWESOME job and thank you for this super librarie. I hope this wasn’t your last project! 😉

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